Werewolf game Terms


role(en) skill role(jp)
Werewolf can eat people every night 人狼
Villager / Citizen There is no particular skill. 村人 / 市民
Seer can identify human or werewolf, one person per night 占い師
Knight / Bodyguard can protect from werewolf atacck 騎士
Fanatic / Traitor humun. but he belongs Warewolf side. 狂人 / 裏切り者
psychic can identify human or werewolf of kicked out person. 霊媒師


Vote 投票する It's time to vote.
Kick out 追放する Let's kick him out.
Point at 指差す Please point at someone whom you think the warewolf.
Bite / eat 噛む You were bitten(eaten) last night.
Doubt / am suspicious of 疑う I doubt your words because ...
Beleve / trust 信じる I beleve what you said. / I trust you.
Announce 告白する Please announce your role. / Please tell everyone your role.
Suggest 提案する I suggested the seer should show themselft.
Come out 名乗り出る Seer, please come out.
Isolated 孤立する I am isolated.
Hide 潜伏する The seer is hinding.
Act 演じる He looks like he is acting.
Protect 守る Bodyguard, please protect me tonight.


Opinion 意見 Tell us your opinion.
Role 役職 I have a role. But I cannot reveal it now.
Lynch ローラー Shall we lynch all seers?
Obviously 明白な He is obviously a Villager.
Reasonable つじつまが合う That sounds reasonable./ Its not reasonable.
six senth
first impression 第一印象